Rufforth Airfield East - AIRFIELD STATUS

Monday, 19th November 2018

Airfield OPEN as per standard operating procedures.


The radio is unlikely to be manned except for flyin's etc so continue with blind calls.

Upcoming Changes and Notices to Pilots

In November, the gliding site are going to run a trial winch using the grass runway in the westerly direction. This means there will be a control point at Delta. The gliders are NOT intending landing on our 23 but landing where they land now. It should not affect our flying but may require extra vigilance. Do not overfly the gliders, turn before them.

Visiting Pilots Briefing

All visiting pilots MUST watch the following video and check the airfield status (this page) immediately prior to departure. No PPR is required providing you have digested the information in the video and you agree to follow the procedures.

If you want to organise hangarage or to leave your aircraft overnight, call Stephen Beckett on 07802 435158. No fuel is available.

Rufforth Airfield accept no liability for the accuracy of the information on this page. As situations can change very quickly it is not always possible to update the website immediately. You, and you alone are responsible for deciding whether it is safe to land and/or take off from this airfield.

Note: This Video Briefing was last updated 22nd October 2018 and is subject to change.

Rufforth Airfield East - Flying Order Book

All pilots based at Rufforth Airfield East must be familiar with the content of the Flying Order Book. This has been updated on 22nd October 2018. It is avaialble as a PDF document. Download it now!

Todays Flights


Apron Camera - East

Not Available

Apron Camera - West

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